Launch of New Inventory (Schedule of Condition) Creator

When we conducted a quick survey of members, we asked what product/service we should make next. The most popular request was an online inventory creator. 

We are pleased to officially launch the beta version of our inventory (schedule of condition), which is available now in the Tenancy Builder part of the website (click on "inventory" in the sidebar). 

It has been extensively tested, so in theory, it could be used for live, but we would prefer if subscribers would try the system in the first instance and provide any feedback (good or bad). 

Producing a schedule of conditions is not something we were particularly familiar with before this project. The system has been designed from start to finish without looking at other available options on the market. 

It has been designed to be as simple as possible, which may mean features are missing. We have a video showing the processes involved and a quick start guide, and there is also additional help alongside the quick start.

Overview of Creating Inventory

As a quick overview, the following would be done:

  • Go to the Tenancy Builder part of the website and click inventory in the sidebar and "add new"
  • Insert tenancy address, name of preparer and add rooms.
  • Under each room, add items (structure, furnishings, appliances) and photos as wanted.
  • Allocate a tenancy to the template
  • Add an activity to the tenancy. Activity can be check-in, interim or check-out. An activity will generate a PDF of the template in its current state (a snapshot of the template at that time).
  • Optionally send the PDF for digital signing.

Where there are multiple activities (e.g. a check-in and check-out report), these can be compared against each other.


Currently, the only charge is for the digital signing, which uses the same as Tenancy Builder, 100 credits. If you are doing lots of testing and want some free credits, please let us know, and we'll gladly add some. 

It should be noted that we may have to make some charges in the future. The problem is that even a small inventory can have 50 or more photos attached, which could generate massive amounts of storage, which we would need to pay monthly. 

Our preferred method of charging would be to give some free storage for casual users but then have a monthly amount charged based upon storage allowances. This would mean those who use it the most (and have the most storage) would pay the most. 

It is possible to reduce storage by using compressed images, but most people will no doubt want to use photos straight from their phone, which are often large (could be up to 10Mb per photo depending on settings).

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