New Websites Available for Testing

We are thrilled to announce our new website is available for testing today (22 September 2022). 

Because of the significant changes happening through the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 in Wales, we have split the website into two websites - England and Wales

The Wales version of the website is designed with 1 December 2022 in mind, and only articles relevant to those changes are shown. Please continue to use the current website for any information on existing rules before the 1st of December in Wales. 

We hope you will find the new websites cleaner and much faster than the current website. 

One of the most significant improvements to the new website is the search page (England or Wales). 

Firstly, it will only present results for your country. 

Secondly, you will find the search blazingly fast and way more accurate than ever. 

We built the entire website with customers finding content at the heart of the process, and we're delighted with the results of our limited testing. Over time, the built-in machine learning should improve search as more and more data is collected. 

When you're logged in to the website, there is finally a direct link to the Tenancy Builder on the menu at the top of every page. 

You can quickly switch between the England and Wales websites (top right of the menu), and your subscription covers you to access both sites as much as you like. 

All content has been moved across (manually), and much of the older irrelevant content has been deleted. The new websites should be much leaner and more relevant. 

After any issues are cleaned up, we will permanently move to the new websites. 

Tenancy Builder is unaffected because it has its sub-domain.

Check out the new websites, and if you find any issues, please let us know