Add or Edit Activity (Reports)

Add new activity

First, go to the inventory list and select to view a tenancy from the actions button.

From the tenancies list, click on the actions button and select "Add/View Activity".

Select whether check-in, interim or check-out, the date and optionally meter readings at that time.

A PDF "snapshot" of the inventory template will be created on submission. You will be returned to the activity list where it will show "in progress" to begin with (like when building a tenancy agreement), and when ready, it will show as completed.

To download the inventory, click on the green success message or choose download from the actions button.

Edit activity

To edit an activity from the actions button in the list, click edit and make necessary changes.

When submitting, the PDF report generated will be overwritten.

If you want a new activity (as opposed to editing an existing one), add a new one by following the earlier steps.