Tenancy Builder - Download Tenancy Agreements


Our Tenancy Builder is one of our most popular services amongst subscribers.

You can create and download various types of agreements, including:

  • Assured shorthold tenancy (England)
  • Occupation contracts (Wales)
  • Contractual tenancy
  • lodger agreement
  • Assured tenancy (rarely used)
  • Garage agreement
  • Non-domestic room

View a complete summary of the terms of the assured shorthold tenancy.

To use Tenancy Builder, enter details on-screen (names, rent, dates etc.), and Tenancy Builder will populate the agreement into PDF format.

The Tenancy Builder has fully integrated digital signing, and with just a few clicks, it will be automatically sent to the parties for signature.

Tenancy Builder automatically incorporates the documents needed depending on selections made:

  • How to Rent guide for England and equivalent guide for Wales
  • Tenancy deposit prescribed information
  • EPC (if uploaded)
  • Gas safety record (if uploaded)
  • Electrical safety report (if uploaded)
  • Legionella Information for tenants

Other features include:

  • Upload EPC or enter the certificate number to generate a PDF of the EPC automatically
  • Save entered details for later (before generating PDF)
  • Create a draft agreement
  • Quick and easy entering of information for agreement
  • Common and popular terms already included
  • Add your terms

Tenancy Builder is also suitable for creating and providing a renewal tenancy contract for your existing tenants.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer a free trial of the Guild or the Tenancy Builder. Many customers choose to sign up for the quarterly subscription to begin with, and then to make a savings upgrade to an annual subscription later when they are satisfied with the quality of our services. When upgrading, any amount remaining from the quarterly is automatically calculated daily and deducted from the first annual rate.

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