A Warning About Saving Formula Wording

A saving formula is wording in a notice to quit, which provides a fallback date if any written date within the notice is wrong. It is used when the date of expiry must be precise, such as if the notice must expire on the last day of the tenancy period. The use of saving formulas has been long approved, including, in particular, Elias v Spencer [2010] EWCA Civ 246. In Spencer v Taylor [2013] EWCA Civ 1600, a section 21 notice was served, which contained a date and a saving formula. It was suggested that for this combination to be acceptable, the dates and formula might need to be more apparent than first thought. Note: a section 21 notice no longer requires a specific date of expiry, so this case is only relevant to a notice to quit for a contractual tenancy or similar. ...

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Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave

A tenancy of someone's home, starting on or after 28 February 1997, will in most cases be an assured shorthold tenancy. Take advice early if there are any doubts about what type of tenancy is being terminated. The procedures for ending a tenancy are different, depending on the type of tenancy.