Court Forms N5 and N119 Section 8 Claim

This page looks at completing court forms N5 and N119 after a section 8 notice has been served on rent arrears grounds. If you haven't used our court form wizard to reach this page, please do so now because, generally, we would recommend using the PCOL service (Possession Claim Online).

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Applying to Court for Possession — Standard Procedure

Only the landlord or their solicitor can sign the court papers. A common reason for possession claims being rejected by the court is that a letting agent signs them. A letting agent can help the landlord draft the paperwork, but they cannot sign on the landlord’s behalf, and they do not have a right to represent the landlord in court in the landlord’s absence. A landlord who is likely to be absent from the UK will need to instruct a solicitor to commence legal action if they wish to be represented in their absence.