Get Faster Responses with LandlordAId's Latest Update

Today (23 October 2023), we updated the AI chatbot assistant LandlordAId, which can be found by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of every page.

Although there is little change in visual and response quality, this is a significant update for the backend.

The code has been rewritten from the ground up and reduced by around 50%. The number of operations required to produce a result has been reduced by around a third. This should result in quicker response times without compromising the quality (although we're limited to Open AI's ChatGPT time to analyse and provide the response).

One significant change has been to the functionality of helping write an email or letter. Previously, instructions were given to make a letter, but we often noticed that users wanted to include information about the regulations they were referring to in the email. However, we didn't search the website so that ChatGPT would use its knowledge. This produced poor results because ChatGPT has only been trained to 2021, and in any event, UK rules need to be better covered.

Therefore, after the update, when writing an email, we will now try to find relevant information from the website about the topic. If the user requests more detail to be added, this should produce better results.

We have now removed the buttons to select different functions. Instead, we've trained the system to look for "write an email" or "write a letter" (or similar permutations) in the user's prompt.

We have removed the create additional term functionality because it was used sparingly, and when it was, it was usually for terms already covered in our agreements. Users could attempt to use the command "create an additional term [explain]", but we're unsure how good the response will be.

We check responses daily and add more data to provide more reliable answers. That said, responses are proving remarkably accurate for day-to-day queries. Some complex queries require more attention, but that's to be expected, and it will improve over time.