Measure of Damages for Breach of Repairing Obligations

This article considers case law where damages have been awarded after a landlord failed to do repairs. Withholding rent whilst repairs are carried out Where the tenant does not expend sums on having repairs carried out, he cannot set off the sum which it would have cost against the rent and, contrary to popular belief, he cannot simply stop paying the rent until repairs are carried out [Taylor v Webb (1973) 2 K.B. 283). He may, however, set off a sum equal to the amount of damages to which he is entitled for breach of the landlord's covenant to repair [British Anzani v International Marine (1979) 2 All E.R. 1063 at 1074c).

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Landlords’ Responsibilities for Repair and Maintenance

In addition to any repair responsibilities explicitly set out in the tenancy agreement, common law and statute will imply terms to the agreement between landlord and tenant.