MOT Style Gas Safety Records

Under regulation 36, The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, landlords have specific duties concerning gas appliances. A gas safety record (some people incorrectly refer to it as a "certificate") is required within 12 months of the first installation of an appliance and, after that, no more than 12 monthly intervals.

Getting the gas record done up to two months early

Since April 2018, the date a gas safety is due is known as the "deadline date". 

A landlord can obtain a gas safety record up to 2 months before the deadline date and will retain the deadline date for the following year. 

For example:

Your gas safety record has a deadline date of 10 August 2023.

You booked the gas safety check for 5 July 2023, which is within two months before your current certificate expires on 10 August 2023; the new certificate would then be valid until the original deadline date for the following year of 10 August 2024.

Provide and display the gas safety record

A landlord shall—

  • ensure that each appliance and flu has been checked for safety within 12 months before the lease commences or has been or is so checked within 12 months after the appliance or flu has been installed, whichever is later; and
  • ensure that the last two records are retained (although we recommend keeping them for much longer).

A copy of the report must be given "before occupation" for new tenants and within 28 days of the report where there is an existing tenant. 

Where there is no gas appliance in any room occupied by the tenant (for example, a shared HMO), the landlord may, instead of ensuring that a copy of the record is given to the tenant, ensure that it is displayed in a prominent position in the premises, with a statement endorsed on it that the tenant is entitled to have his copy of the record on request to the landlord at an address specified in the statement.

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Gas Safety

It is vital that landlords clearly understand their responsibilities and obligations in relation to gas supply and appliances and the duties and responsibilities placed on them by the gas safety regulations.