The Next Phase of Moving to the New Websites

The next phase of moving to the new websites will commence next week.

All subscribers are now urged only to use the new England or Wales websites (or both).

There are still a handful of guidance pages to move, but soon we will redirect pages from the old to the new. If you are searching on the old site and click to view a page, you may find you will suddenly jump to the page on the new site, and this is because of the redirecting we will be implementing soon.

The new sites have been built with search as a core functionality from the ground up, and we recommend you try it on the new websites.

Unlike the old site, which would mix results for each country, now the search only finds results related to the country of the site you're on. It's also very sophisticated; the more it gets used, the more we can program it, and the more it will learn.

Try the search for England or Wales.

Finally, we know some customers were experiencing an issue with Tenancy Builder, which would cause the agreement to hang in progress. Connected was that the country field would change from what you selected. We are sorry for the trouble. Thanks to a very patient customer late yesterday and much testing to recreate the issue, we have finally found the bug. The new code has been pushed to the live servers, and we are confident this is fixed.