Top 3 Building Insurance Claims For Landlords

According to a survey, storm damage repairs are the top building insurance claim for landlords.

On average, each claim costs insurers £1,500, says a report by a landlord's insurance provider.

The second most common claim is damaged ceilings, walls and carpets drenched by burst pipes. The average repair bill for this runs to £4,500.

Damage from burglars breaking into and vandalising homes is the next claim, costing an average of £2,300 to fix.

The most expensive landlord insurance problem is fires caused by faulty electrics, and insurers pick up an average £25,000 repair bill from these incidents.

The claims data came from analysing more than 100,000 landlord insurance policies and claims.

Not all claims are settled, warned the insurer, mainly because landlords had failed to add accidental damage cover to their policies.

Andrew Weston explained the research helps landlords discover the steps they need to make for a successful claim.

“Buying insurance is often one of the last things buy to let investors consider. Having a clear understanding of the key factors that can influence a premium will save landlords money in the long run.”

The report also highlighted that homes with conservatories and dormer windows are most likely to suffer storm damage.

Two examples were given - a rented home in Edinburgh that lost two panels from a conservatory roof in a storm that needed £11,000 of repairs.

Another rental home in Keighley, West Yorkshire, had every roof panel punctured by hail stones in a storm, which cost £5,000 to replace.

In Birmingham, a shared house was broken into by burglars who had to force the locks on every room to gain entry, causing £3,000 of damage, which was far more than the value of the items they stole.

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Buildings insurance covers the risk of damage to the structure and permanent fixtures and fittings of a building, for example, due to a fire. If the property is leasehold, the freeholder will typically arrange the building's insurance and re-charge the cost to lessees.