Update to Tenancy Builder and New Forms (December 2022)

This is a quick note to say that we have updated Tenancy Builder (England and Wales) and added some forms (Wales only) today (8 December 2022).


The most significant change you should know about is an added layer of security to the online application form for prospective tenants.

When adding a new applicant, in addition to copying and sending the applicant the unique URL to access the form, you must send them a unique six-digit access code.

When the applicant goes to the form, they will be asked to enter the code to access it.

This change affects existing applicants as well as new ones.

Therefore, if you have sent an application URL that hasn't been completed in the last few days, please send the prospective occupier their new access code.

This is simple to do:

  1. Go to applicants within Tenancy Builder.
  2. Edit the applicant (no changes are needed).
  3. Click save and copy the code that appears.
  4. Message the code to the applicant.

Forms (Wales only)

For customers in Wales, we have added many forms to the website suitable for the new Renting Homes Act, which started on 1 December 2022.

All prescribed forms that subscribers likely need have been added and are available in the other forms section of Tenancy Builder. There are also other legally required forms which haven't been prescribed that we have created and added to the website.

The forms added include the following:

The possession notice wizard for Wales has been updated and should be used before accessing any possession prescribed forms.

Other updates

Other changes added by today's update are mainly in the background, and you should hopefully see the system running smoothly and faster.

If you experience any difficulties or have any suggestions, please get in touch with us.