You Don’t Need an Estate Agent to Sell a Home Online

Online property portals are bypassing costly letting and estate agents and have opened the door for thousands of people to try selling their own homes. 

Selling or letting a home is easier than most people think, with plenty of experts making all the needed tools available online. 

The only reason for having an estate agent was they had a list of interested buyers, but now most buyers are signed up to an online property portal that offers the same service for a fraction of the cost. 

According to research by financial firm Axa, 35% of homeowners are put off by estate agent fees and want to save money. 

The trick is knowing what turns a likely buyer on or off making an offer on your home. A smelly house seems the biggest turn-off – with 90% of buyers turning their nose up if this is a problem. 

Next comes previous disagreements with neighbours, which are unappreciated by 89% of buyers. 

After that comes a neighbour’s untidy house or garden (82%), a dirty house (80%) and an unkempt garden (62%). Surprisingly, 43% of viewers like the owner to show them around, although 81% would be put off if the owner behaved oddly and 70% dislike seeing personal items around the house, so put your washing out of sight. 

Redecorating helps a house sale, as 56% of buyers felt outdated décor was off-putting. 

Smartening a home for a sale comes relatively cheaply, with the average homeowner spend coming to £373.

“If you are selling your home, always be 15 minutes away from tidy in case a viewer wants to pop around at short notice,” said an Axa spokesman. 

“Freshly baked bread or some well-placed scented candles can dispel those unwanted smells.”

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