Applying to Court for Possession — Standard Procedure

Learn when to make an application to the court using the Possession Claims Online Service (PCOL) or using forms N5 and N119 with our step-by-step guide.

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Claim Forms N5 and N119 Plus PCOL

Using the court form wizard, you can download claim forms N5 and N119 (standard procedure) and guidance for completing the possession claim online (PCOL).

Certificate That Rent Statement Part of Business Records

section 9, Civil Evidence Act 1995 which provides that the records of a business (which includes a rent statement) may be given as evidence in court "without further proof"

Application For Leave To Transfer For High Court Enforcement Officer

This is a covering letter that would be sent in with a claim form for possession (N5, N119 or N5B) seeking permission to transfer enforcement if possession is ordered. With this covering letter your still not bound to us the High Court as it would still need transferring.

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Court Form Wizard (England)

Court form wizard finds the best court form for possession after service of section 8 or section 21 notice.