Applying to the Court for Rent Arrears Only

If it is not necessary to obtain possession, a landlord may wish to make a claim under the terms of the tenancy agreement for debt using the small claims procedure of the County Court. The amount awarded by the court will be determined at the trial date. If a claim is being made for interest on arrears, this must be stated on the claim form because interest will not automatically be added to the debt. If the sum is cleared and further arrears arise, it will be necessary to submit an additional claim.

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Letter of Claim Pre Action Letter - Arrears or Damages, Tenant or Guarantor

Before a claim is made against a tenant or guarantor for money owed (for example for rent or damage to the property) normally using the small claims procedure, a letter of claim must be served first.

Certificate That Rent Statement Part of Business Records

section 9, Civil Evidence Act 1995 which provides that the records of a business (which includes a rent statement) may be given as evidence in court "without further proof"