Types of Tenancy - Assured and Assured Shorthold Tenancies

These types of tenancies are governed by the statutory code set up in the Housing Act 1988, which was amended slightly by the Housing Act 1996. Today's vast majority of tenancies will be assured shorthold tenancies, and both assured and assured shorthold tenancy can charge a market rent for the property.

Related Forms

Ground 1 Landlords Only or Principal Notice

A ground 1 notice intends to allow possession on an "assured" tenancy. The landlord may seek the property back due to living in the property as the landlord's only or principal home.

Ground 2 Mortgage Notice

A ground 2 notice is to notify a tenant before a tenancy is granted that the rented property is subject to a mortgage

Ground 3 Holiday Let Notice

A landlord may serve this ground 3 notice before a tenancy commences notifying the tenant that the property is usually let as a holiday let.

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