Conducting Viewings

When arranging viewings, you can either arrange a mutual time with individual prospective tenants as they make an enquiry or conduct block viewings at set times (for example, 5.30 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

If the property is already occupied, the existing occupier will require at least 24 hours' notice (or whatever has been agreed in the tenancy agreement). If the occupier refuses entry after giving the notice, the landlord will not be able to enter without obtaining an agreement or court order. However, a refusal would be a breach of the tenancy in most cases, and the occupier may be liable to pay the landlord compensation.

More than one person should conduct the viewings together where that is possible.

The Energy Performance Certificate must be available at the viewing (if it has not been given sooner).

If the landlord has a procedure to follow and guidelines for granting a tenancy, a sheet could be given explaining those procedures and policies at the time of viewing. In addition, marketing material such as property particulars should be presented at the viewing to ensure all 'material information' has been provided to the prospective tenant.

Related Forms

Prospective Tenant Viewing Template

This word template is a letter notifying the outgoing tenant that you have viewing with prospective tenants and tells of the time and date when you will be attending.

Notify Tenant that Property Unfit for Prospective Viewings

This template asks the tenant to make the property more suitable for viewings.

Unable To Continue Prospective Tenant Viewings As Property Not Presentable

This letter is an attempt to delicately ask the residing tenant to make the property clean and "smell neutral"! In all honesty, it's unlikely to have any significant effect. Still, it points out that the landlord might incur losses.