Deposits and Tenancy Deposit Schemes

Many landlords take a deposit from tenants to hold for the duration of the tenancy. When the tenant moves out, this is returned to the tenant less any deductions permitted: typically for damage (above fair wear and tear), additional cleaning, and cover any outstanding rent. Note: deposits can only be withheld if stipulated what the deposit is being held against in the contract.

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Returning A Deposit to Serve Section 21

In this article, we summarise cases about the return of a deposit by cheque or DPS authorisation. Of all the cases, the first one below is made by the High Court, but it was a permission to appeal the decision and not an actual binding case (but being High Court is arguably persuasive).

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Deposit Prescribed Information

When a landlord receives a deposit in connection with an assured shorthold tenancy or occupation contract, prescribed information must be given within 30 days.

Notice to Tenant Before DPS Single Claim Made

if a landlord intends to use the single claim procedure of the Deposit Protection Service (custodial scheme) and the landlord has an address for the tenant (which should be on the prescribed information), notice must first be served on the tenant

Agreement to Return Deposit with Deductions

where a deposit hasn’t been protected within 30 days, to serve a section 21 notice then, the deposit must be returned in full or with agreed deductions.

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