Tenancy Agreements

Landlords should be aware of the benefits of written tenancy agreements and the procedures necessary for obtaining such an agreement. Although a landlord can create many short-term tenancies (three years or less) without a written agreement, it is generally not advisable for landlords to allow occupation without first having secured a signed formal tenancy agreement.

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Written Statement of Terms - Verbal Tenancy

written statement of any term of the tenancy which is not evidenced in writing [section 20A Housing Act 1988]. A failure to provide such a written statement within 28 days is a criminal offence [section 20A(4)].

Assured Tenancy (Rarely Used)

Visit the Guild of Residential Landlords website today and use our Tenancy Builder to create and download your perfect assured tenancy agreement.

Agreement for Letting Non-Domestic Premises (Personal Use)

An agreement for the letting of non-domestic premises of some description.

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Electronic Signatures and Remote Signing

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