Tenant References and Guarantors

Landlords should interview prospective tenants carefully to assist in choosing one who will be trustworthy and reliable. Taking up references from a prospective tenant’s current or previous landlord, employer and bank can help to inform the tenant selection process.

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Guarantee Agreement

A landlord is always advised to obtain a guarantor (also known as surety) for every let they do. Ideally, the guarantor will be a homeowner.

Application to be a Guarantor

A separate application for a guarantor.

Request for Reference from Previous Landlord

if you wish to take a previous landlord reference, this word template is suitable. It can be modified how you like.

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Online Application Form for Prospective Tenants

Guild subscribers can use our online application form for prospective tenants.

Tenant Referencing

Obtain quick tenant and guarantor assessments with our simple online form. The assessments check the applicant's suitability, provide a tenancy assessment score, and check for undisclosed addresses and CCJs

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