Tenant Wants to Leave

A periodic tenant intending to leave must provide a notice to quit in writing. The minimum notice period is four weeks (specified in section 5 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977). The length of the notice should be at least the length of a rental period (subject to the four-week minimum rule and up to a maximum of six months). This will be a calendar month for a calendar monthly rental in most cases. Where the rent is quarterly, a quarter's notice is required, six-monthly or yearly requires six months' notice. The notice should always expire at the end of a rental payment period or the first day of a new period.

Related Forms

Tenant Notice to Quit to Landlord

If a tenant wishes to bring a tenancy to an end, they must give the landlord a notice to quit.

Mesne Profits - Damages for Use and Occupation Letter

This Word template is to notify the occupiers that payments received will be accepted as mesne profits and not as "rent".

Not Accept Invalid Notice to Quit Because Expires During Fixed Term

This template is notifying the tenant that the notice they have given is invalid because it expires during the fixed term and that the landlord does not accept the invalid notice.