Application for Accommodation

Guild subscribers have exclusive access to our Online Application Form for Prospective Tenants, a streamlined and secure way to manage rental applications easily.

How It Works

Our system generates a unique URL and access code upon adding a record. Simply send this link and code to your applicants, granting them one-click access to complete the comprehensive online application form. Designed with both convenience and thoroughness in mind, the form covers essential details, including address history, pet ownership, details of other proposed occupiers, and more, ensuring you gather all the information necessary for a well-informed decision.

Secure Document Upload

Applicants can securely upload sensitive identity documents, such as passports and payslips, directly through the form. This feature simplifies the documentation process and enhances the security and confidentiality of personal information.

Instant Notifications & Easy Access

When an application is completed, you'll be promptly notified via email, allowing you to review the submitted information immediately. This efficient process ensures you have all you need to decide on the potential tenancy at your fingertips.

Streamlined Tenancy Creation & Referencing

After reviewing an application, the collected data can be seamlessly integrated into creating a new agreement through our Tenancy Builder or used for reference purposes. This integration facilitates a smoother transition from application to tenancy agreement, saving time and reducing administrative workload.

Utilise our Online Application Form to enhance your tenant acquisition process, making it more efficient, secure, and user-friendly for you and your applicants.

Legacy PDF Form

To access the old (legacy) PDF form, please click here.

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