Application for Accommodation

We now have an online application tool for prospective tenants to complete online applications. To access the old PDF form, please click here.

PDF form information (legacy)

The application for accommodation is an essential document other than a tenancy agreement, and it gathers information from prospective tenants after they have expressed an interest in your property. 

The information collected from the form also has a significant benefit because several questions can avoid legal problems in the future (e.g. is the property to be the tenants only or principal home?) 

The form will also seek all the information required to complete the tenancy agreement and deposit prescribed information in full (e.g. post tenancy address, phone number, email and fax number).

The document includes data protection confirmations which allow the landlord to use the data for various purposes. It also allows the data to be used after the tenancy has ended. 

However, this form is only suitable for our tenant referencing service due to the nature of the disclaimer at the back. The form also includes guidance about what ID is acceptable for the Immigration Act 2014.

*A subscription is required to download forms. 

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