Council Tax Second Letter Before Appeal - More Detail

Under the council tax rules introduced in 2013, landlords may have much more council tax to pay when a property becomes vacant. 

However, where a tenant fails to give proper notice, the tenant remains liable until the property is re-let or the landlord accepts a surrender where our tenancy agreement has been used (where tenancy goes contractual periodic and not statutory periodic). 

As a result, a landlord may wish to appeal a decision to make the landlord liable and ask that the tenant continues to be liable until proper notice is given. 

Before an appeal is lodged, a letter must be served by the aggrieved person on the local authority [s.16 Local Government Finance Act 1992]. 

This template is a second (and quite in-depth) letter before an appeal against council tax liability after the local authority has already responded to a first letter and refused to change their decision. 

The template is based on no notice given by a tenant, but it can be modified with whatever grounds you want to insert. 

We have used this letter in a genuine case with complete success. It has various facts and dates you must change, but it's a good starting point. 

The template is in rich text format (RTF), so it will work on all word processors, including Microsoft Word.

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