Granting of Tenancies Template

When we view a property with a prospective tenant, those tenants invariably have several questions. This granting of tenancies sheet is what we provide to answer 90% of all questions asked. It is handy if you have a lot of people viewing at once, you can deal with lots of people and questions at once by handing these sheets out. As the document is in Word format, it will work on most word processors, including Word. Landlords can change the wording to suit your own needs. The sheet includes information on:

  • Guarantor required
  • Deposit required to hold property (option 2)
  • Tenancy deposit
  • The first payment of rent
  • Pets allowed (yes or no)
  • Housing Benefit tenants allowed (yes or no)
  • Number of keys provided at the commencement
  • Gas and Electricity notifications

You can alter the document to whatever you want it to say.

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