Template Letter for Landlords Seeking Tenant Housing Benefit Info

This form is not suitable for Universal Credit.

When a landlord has a tenant claiming housing benefits, it can be frustrating when the local authority refuses to speak to the landlord about the claim. Often, all a landlord wishes to know is whether payment has been made to the tenant. It is not commonly known, but in most cases, a landlord has an absolute right to know if any money payments have been made to the tenant. 

This template letter is written to the local authority requesting details of all housing benefit payments. 

The template outlines all the relevant statutory authorities seeking the request. It reminds them (and quoting the legislation) that the demand for payments is excluded from the Data Protection Act's non-disclosure provisions. 

The letter is in Rich Text Format (RTF), so it will work on all word processors and can be edited as you see fit.

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