List Of Fees Displayed By Letting Agents

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 requires all property letting and managing agents to display their fees on their websites and prominently in their offices. This template contains three pages of sample text that might be used to display the fees. The pages are-

  1. tenant or prospective tenant fees
  2. landlord or prospective landlord fees
  3. combined template

They are in word format (.docx) and can be edited to suit. We have created a table within the document to make it more presentable, but there is no prescribed way of displaying the information. Just the contents are prescribed. The text can be copied for use on a website, and to see a live sample, please see our list of fees for our property arm website. Please note this is only required by letting and managing agents acting on instructions from others. Landlords do not have to do this (although if the landlord has a website, it would be good practice).

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