Mesne Profits - Damages for Use and Occupation Letter

Where a tenant (or one of several tenants) gives the notice to quit, the tenancy will end upon expiry, assuming the notice is valid. In this case, if possession is being sought, it's not wise to accept "rent" from the occupiers who remain. 

As they are no longer "tenants" (because the tenancy has ended), any rent money should only be accepted as "Mesne Profits" (pronounced "mean"), which is damages to the landlord for the use and occupation of the premises. 

This Word template is to notify the occupiers that payments will be accepted as mesne profits and not as "rent". 

This letter is also helpful if a landlord (or tenant) brings a contractual tenancy to an end because the same thing happens and the tenancy ends. 

Of course, a possession must always be obtained from the court during this period. 

This template is unsuitable for where a landlord has served a section 8 or section 21 notice because those notices don't "end" the tenancy. Those notices allow the landlord to seek possession through the courts.

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