Notify Tenant Providing Information To Water Authority

Under The Water Industry (Undertakers Wholly or Mainly in Wales) (Information about Non-owner Occupiers) Regulations 2014, property owners, mainly in Wales and small parts of England, must notify the water undertaker about the occupiers within 21 days of a tenancy. Regulation 4 provides:

Before an owner provides information to an undertaker, they must notify the occupier that such information will be provided.

Where a landlord or agent is not using our application form and tenancy agreement combination, which already includes a notification that their information may be passed, this letter is a notification for regulation 4. 

A sufficient period should be allowed for service of the notice to ensure the notification is before the information is passed to the provider (we usually suggest four days when delivering by ordinary post). 

This notification won't usually be needed if you use our application for accommodation and tenancy agreements.

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