Request for Direct Payment Two Months Arrears Universal Credit (UC47)

This form is for Universal Credit and not Housing Benefit.


Under Universal Credit guidance, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is allowed to make direct payments of the housing element of Universal Credit in certain situations. 

The guidance states that when a tenant is one month or more in arrears, they will consider paying directly after offering budgeting support; however, if the tenant becomes two months or more in arrears, they will pay the landlord directly.

The download link is to the website (, now an online request.

When can a Managed Payment to a landlord be requested?

A Managed Payment to a landlord can be made when:

  • A claimant is in two months' arrears. You can also request a third-party deduction to recover the rent arrears at this point or
  • A claimant has continually underpaid their rent over time and accrued arrears equal to or more than one month’s rent. Personal Budgeting Support will be considered in the first instance using the standard PBS referral process. A Managed Payment of the housing costs element to the landlord will be considered for claimants with longer-term problems paying their rent. Personal Budgeting Support and Alternative Payment Arrangements

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