Landlord-Tenant Communication: Requesting Cleanup for Viewing

Sometimes when a landlord or agent is viewing a property with a tenant in situ, the property might not look its best, delaying the letting. This might cause delays and result in an inability to let the property when the old one moves out. When a property looks this way, it will be tough to view. 

This letter is an attempt to delicately ask the residing tenant to make the property clean and "smell neutral"! In all honesty, it's unlikely to have any significant effect. Still, it points out that the landlord might incur losses. It allows you to pursue the tenant or guarantor at some future date for any losses due to them not making the property presentable. 

This letter might make the tenant clean the property just enough to get the property let when they vacate. 

A term from our latest tenancy agreement is used within the template, so you should change this small part with the appropriate corresponding term if you use some other arrangement. 

The template is in rich text format (RTF), so it will work on all word processors, including Microsoft Word.

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