Boyfriend as Permitted Occupier?

We are about to renew the tenancy agreement (AST) with our existing tenant. She would like to have her boyfriend move in with her.

The boyfriend is a student and would not be able to pay the rent and, therefore, would fail the financial part of the referencing - she would continue to pay the rent herself. Is it better to list him as a tenant or a permitted occupier?

I want to avoid a scenario where the tenant moves out; the boyfriend stays behind, cannot pay the rent, and then is protected by tenancy laws. Therefore, I thought a permitted occupier would be better.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

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Joint and Several Tenancies

Joint tenancies can be agreed upon with two or more people from the outset of the tenancy. Each can then be responsible jointly and severally (individually) for meeting the tenancy terms in full, including paying the rent. This is known as joint and several liability. Joint and several liability only arise where it is agreed upon. If nothing is agreed they will be jointly liable.