End of Tenancy and Notice

My tenant has told me that he is moving out in a week. The rent on his AST is every month; therefore, I expect one month's notice to allow me to advertise the property and hopefully avoid any void periods.

He says that as he paid one month in advance, he doesn't have to pay anything when he moves out. His rent is due on the 10th of January, and he is moving out a day before, but indeed, if he has only given me a week's notice, he should still be paying even after he moves out to cover the notice period. ( the last payment was on the 10th of December)

Can you advise, please?

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Tenant Wants to Leave

A periodic tenant intending to leave must provide a notice to quit in writing. The minimum notice period is four weeks (specified in section 5 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977). The length of the notice should be at least the length of a rental period (subject to the four-week minimum rule and up to a maximum of six months). This will be a calendar month for a calendar monthly rental in most cases. Where the rent is quarterly, a quarter's notice is required, six-monthly or yearly requires six months' notice. The notice should always expire at the end of a rental payment period or the first day of a new period.