General Form of Judgment or Order

Note to the below question: although it references the coronavirus pandemic, the general principle remains the same now, except the reactivation notice is no longer required.

Please help; I need help understanding current possession rules.

Section 21 was issued to the tenant on 13/2/2020 requiring possession on 30/4/20

21/5/20 letter from the court saying the claim was issued and stayed until 25 June 2020.

17/9/2020 I sent the reactivation notice.

I received a General Form of Judgement or Order dated 5th October in October.

it says Before District Judge ………….sitting at County Court at Bath

Upon the court considering the papers in the matter

Upon the claim being served on the Defendant

It is ordered that

1. the Claimant must apply after time for the defence to be filed for a possession order

Dated 30th September 2020.

There has been no more correspondence; when I first read this (in October), I thought it had been sent due to the stay in June before they processed my reactivation request.

Unable to speak to the court for advice. Do I need to send a new reactivation?
Many thanks for any help

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Applying to Court for Possession — Accelerated Procedure

An application for possession by the accelerated procedure is only available after service of a section 21 notice and is processed using the N5B claim form.