Informing HSE and Unable to Gain Entry for Gas Safety Record

Recently I foolishly agreed to take over managing a property for an overwhelmed relative (silly me), and there are major paperwork issues meaning a valid and enforceable section 21 notice is going to be almost impossible to issue, and the tenants have recently brought their rent arrears down from 3 months to just one month.

Having made several requests for access for gas safety (very overdue) and general routine inspection, all of which have been ignored, we have used all the letter templates regarding access. I would now like some advice on how I go about reporting the matter to HSE since, hopefully, that was not just an idle threat!

The locks have also been changed, so although there was no explicit refusal to allow access (they just ignored all the letters and e-mails), we could not gain entry when we did attend. We are also unsure that it would be safe to enter anyway, as there is a chance that the property is being used for something other than what it should be used for.

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