Joint Tenancies: Notice and Periodic Tenancy

The Superstrike Ltd v Rodrigues 2013 court case, which revolves around the concept of a Statutory Periodic tenancy (a type of tenancy that continues after the fixed term ends), determined that such a tenancy is a new tenancy. Therefore, is there a valid argument that if one joint tenant gives valid notice to vacate a property on the last day of the fixed-term tenancy, any remaining joint tenants solely enter into a brand new tenancy the day after the fixed term ends, and the vacating tenant is no longer liable for rent, etc.

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Tenant Wants to Leave

A periodic tenant intending to leave must provide a notice to quit in writing. The minimum notice period is four weeks (specified in section 5 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977). The length of the notice should be at least the length of a rental period (subject to the four-week minimum rule and up to a maximum of six months). This will be a calendar month for a calendar monthly rental in most cases. Where the rent is quarterly, a quarter's notice is required, six-monthly or yearly requires six months' notice. The notice should always expire at the end of a rental payment period or the first day of a new period.