Refusal to Allow Contractor Access

I instructed some work in the loft after a rat infestation. The loft guys turned up on the second day of a two-day job to be told by the tenant, who was on his way out, that he couldn’t leave them in the house while he went out for a couple of hours.  

The contractors said they needed a clear day to complete the job and were unwilling to wait for the tenant to return. They did not carry out the work and now are charging me £100 for the day.

Am I allowed to pass this cost on to the tenants (I will try and negotiate it down)? I’ve seen the messaging between the tenant and the contractors, and it reads like they would be able to start work when they arrived on site.

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Entry and Refusal

Tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of their accommodation. Even if the landlord gives proper notice of a visit, the tenant may still legally refuse access. If a tenant refuses access, the landlord should try and find out why before resorting to legal action. It may simply be the timing of the appointment and the fact that the tenant is unable to get time off work - in which case you could arrange an evening or weekend appointment.