Tenant's CCJ & Guarantor: Understanding the Holding Deposit

Good morning,

I’ve made an application for a tenancy who disclosed he has a satisfied CCJ from last year for around £500. Last week, he said he could provide a guarantor, so I proceeded with his application.  Homelet has sent the final report stating he is Acceptable with Guarantor. Still, the applicant would rather avoid having to provide one, saying his CCJ is satisfied and his income is more than enough to cover the rent.

If the landlord is happy to proceed without a guarantor, then happy days; it does seem harsh when his CCJ is satisfied and wasn’t for a considerable amount. But, if the landlord decides not to proceed, is the applicant entitled to all of his holding deposit back or does the fact that he no longer wants to provide a guarantor classed as not taking all reasonable steps to agree? Who pays for the credit check in that case?

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Tenant Fees

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 commenced on 1 June 2019 and banned most tenant fees in England. Only a "permitted payment" may be requested from a "relevant person"