Whether to Include Non UK Address on N5b Form


I live outside the UK, My NON-UK address is specified on the front page of the tenancy agreement under my name, and my UK (England) office address is specified in the contract for serving notices to the landlord.

I have put my UK address on the Form 6A section 21 notice and my Non-UK address (to match the tenancy agreement) underneath.

My question is: Should I include my Non-UK address on the N5b form or ONLY put my UK (service) address on it? There is a space for two addresses on the front page of the N5B form, but they both have what looks like a UK postcode box at the bottom. I don't know if I should put both addresses or just my UK one.


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Applying to Court for Possession — Accelerated Procedure

An application for possession by the accelerated procedure is only available after service of a section 21 notice and is processed using the N5B claim form.