Legionella Risk Assessment Template

You should consult the instructions on downloading and installing this template and the legionella risk assessment guidance.

The template is free for subscribers of the Guild of Residential Landlords. If you're not a subscriber, you can purchase the template here.

iAuditor is our most popular choice of iOS and Android apps, allowing landlords or letting agents to carry out risk assessments on their compatible mobile phones or tablets. 

This template is compatible with iAuditor and is a quick, easy and intuitive legionella risk assessment template that allows a risk assessment to be carried out quickly and easily on-site with all the advantages of mobile technology. 

The link takes you to our legionella guidance page, where you can download the app and template. 

IMPORTANT: the iAuditor app has a free public directory of templates. You agree NOT to put our template in the public directory by downloading our template. You may use the template on up to 10 devices you or your company own.