Accreditation Scheme

Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme (PRSAS)

Guild Subscribers and Accreditation

Not yet accredited?

If you’re not accredited yet but wish to join our accreditation, you can complete the online course for a discounted rate. Once you’ve joined up, and even if the course hasn’t been completed, you will be entitled to a discounted renewal rate to the Guild. Whilst accredited, a discounted renewal rate to the Guild will apply.

Already accredited? (Passport)

If you’re already accredited with some other scheme, such as London Landlord Accreditation Scheme or a different approved scheme, you can passport into our scheme for free. After the simple application form is completed, a new accredited discount option you come to renew or join will appear.

Renew accreditation

You'll need to complete a short continuous professional development quiz to renew your accreditation with us.

Discounts to the Guild

Accredited landlords who have completed our online course or are passported are entitled to a discount from the annual subscription.

When you are accredited with us, the discount will automatically be displayed when you join or manually renew.

If you’re already on an auto-renewing subscription, that will need to be cancelled and renewed on the website at the newly displayed discounted rate. This will change the auto-renew to the new rate each year.

Non-Guild Subscribers

To become accredited, there's no requirement to subscribe to the Guild of Residential Landlords.

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