Tenancy Manager: Simplify Your Property Management

The Guild of Residential Landlords proudly presents Tenancy Manager, a revolutionary online platform designed to enhance and simplify the management of rental properties. This state-of-the-art system integrates seamlessly with our Tenancy Builder, offering landlords and letting agents a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to streamline every aspect of property management. From efficient rent tracking to detailed tenancy management, Tenancy Manager is your all-in-one solution to navigate the complexities of property management with ease and precision.

Tenancy Manager is available in the Tenancy Builder part of the website (https://docs.landlordsguild.com)

Extensive support documentation can be found here in the help section

What Tenancy Manager Offers

Overview Dashboard

  • Gain immediate insights into the status of your rental portfolio with our user-friendly dashboard. It displays a clear visual representation of your properties, highlighting which rentals are current and which are in arrears, enabling you to take prompt action where necessary.

Landlord and Letting Unit Management

  • Adding new landlords and letting units has never been simpler, whether you're managing a single property or a diverse portfolio. Our system accommodates a variety of property types, including individual rooms in HMOs, apartments, houses, shops, garages, and parking spaces.

Tenancy Tracking

  • Keep detailed records of each tenancy, including rent payment history, rent increases, and invoices. The platform also enables the sending of rent reminders and tracking of sub-meter readings, ensuring you stay on top of the financial aspects of your properties.

Designed for Speed

  • Tenancy Manager prioritises speed and ease of access. View rents at a glance from a dedicated page, with the option to filter views to show only arrears, facilitating efficient management.

Statement Run

  • The Tenancy Manager simplifies financial oversight with statement runs for landlords managing properties on behalf of family members or agents handling landlord clients. These runs detail rents received, less deductions and commissions, using 300 credits per statement.

Getting Started

Tenancy Manager is currently in preview, offering a unique opportunity for users to explore its capabilities and contribute feedback for ongoing refinement. Whether you're setting up new tenancies, integrating existing ones, or exploring features like statement runs, our support pages provide comprehensive guidance to ensure a smooth experience.

Quick Start Guide

For Existing Tenancies

Easily integrate your existing tenancies created with Tenancy Builder into Tenancy Manager by enabling TM Features from the actions button in the tenancies list. This process involves selecting a landlord, letting units, entering rent details, and when the next rent is due.

For New Tenancies

Creating new tenancies for use with the Tenancy Manager is straightforward. Create a new tenancy, ensuring all necessary information is selected and entered, including the landlord and letting unit, and after toggling to use in Tenancy Manager, enter the next rent day. Our system then automatically tracks rents due, facilitating seamless property management.

Your Partner in Property Management

Tenancy Manager represents a significant advancement in property management technology. By consolidating rent tracking, financial management, and tenant communication into a single, intuitive platform, it empowers landlords and letting agents to manage their properties more efficiently than ever. Embrace the future of property management with Tenancy Manager, your comprehensive solution for simplifying the complexities of property management.