Add New Applicant

To add a new applicant, click on the Applicants in the sidebar and then "add new" on the right.

Fill in the fields as presented and as shown below.

You can also insert from one of your profiles using the dropdown, which will fill in the first few fields from the selected profile.

Landlord Display Name

Enter the landlord's display name. This will be shown on the application form to the prospective tenant.

Prospective Tenancy Address

Enter the tenancy address for the application. This will be shown to the applicant when they complete the form.

First Name and Last Name

Enter the first and last names of the applicant (prospective tenant).

Property Use

Select from the dropdown what the use of the property is for. This selection will modify the fields shown to the tenant. Residential shows most fields, whereas garage, for example, shows fewer fields (for example, choosing garage won't ask if they have pets).

Proposed Rent and Deposit

Enter the proposed rent and tenancy deposit. This will be displayed to the applicant on the form.

Is Guarantor Required

If "Yes" is selected, a page for guarantor information will be added to the application for the prospective tenant to complete.


Once all information has been entered, click "save" to save the data, and a popup will be displayed.

On saving, a unique website URL is generated for that applicant to complete an online application.

Sending the Application Invitation

You will need to email the applicant the unique URL and access code manually, and there are two copying options.

The access code is an extra layer of security; personal data cannot be entered or edited without it.

Copy All Text

If you click the copy all text button, the text in the popup will be copied to your clipboard and can be pasted into your preferred email client for sending to the prospective tenant.

If you edit the text, don't delete the "complete application" text, as that contains the unique URL. If you accidentally delete, close the popup, edit the applicant and click save again.

Copy Link and Code

If you prefer to use your wording, text message or app to send the link, you can click on the "copy link" button next to the URL. Then paste the copied URL into whatever you use to communicate with the prospective tenant.

Please do the same for the access code and ensure it's pasted into the email.

You can send the access code in a separate message for extra security. That way, if a message is intercepted, it will only contain one of the two required items to access the form.

Close the popup when copied.

Testing the Form

You can test the form by copying the URL and pasting it into a new browser tab. Enter the access code, and you'll see what the applicant sees.