Complete Your Landlord Accreditation Online Today

Accessing the Course Content

Start the course with the section titled "Accreditation Schemes". After reading, click Next at the bottom of the page to proceed. Continue going through the content by clicking Next. Alternatively, use the sidebar (top on mobile) navigation. This displays each topic within a category when expanded. You can click on any category/topic anytime to navigate the content.

To access the course content, click on the link below.

Online Course

Or copy and paste this URL:

You will be required to log in. Remember, you have 12 months to complete the training and don't have to complete all the content in one sitting.

To complete the accreditation, follow the steps below:

For Landlords and Agents

Landlords and agents must complete the landlord module.

  • Go through the online content and click the button at the bottom of each page to proceed.
  • Once you've read all the content, a quiz link will be displayed on the last page.
  • Complete the quiz to get a link to download the certificate.

For Agents

After the landlord module, you'll proceed to the agent content, which is shorter.

Read the content and click the link at the bottom to proceed. After completing the quiz, you'll get a link to download your certificate.

What if I fail?

If you fail the landlord or agent quizzes on the first try, you're allowed one more attempt. We recommend re-reading the content or any sections you were unsure of.

Certificate Access

Once you've completed the landlord quiz (for landlords) or both quizzes (for agents), your certificate will be available for download from the dashboard of the primary account page.

The certificate is located on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

Need Help?

If you face issues accessing the course, quizzes or other problems, please submit a helpdesk ticket. This is usually faster than calling as it directs your query to our tech support department, which is better equipped to handle website issues.

These instructions are also available in the account area of the website: