Copy, Edit or Delete a Profile

Once created, a profile can be copied, edited or deleted.

Copying a profile will be helpful if you wish to have a profile for every letting unit.

You have four flats in a building - Flats 1,2, 3 and 4. You could create the first profile and call it “Flat one xxx” in the description. In the tenancy address field, enter the full address. Once all fields have been filled in and saved, you could copy and edit the profile by changing the description name and tenancy address. Hit save, and you now have another letting unit profile. Hit copy again and repeat.

Use the actions button from the profiles list to copy, edit, or delete.

Copy Profile

To copy a profile, click on the actions button in the profiles list and click “copy.”

A new profile will be created in the list using the same descriptive name but with “copy” added to the end.

Edit Profile

You can edit profiles at any time.

From the actions button in the profiles list, click “edit.”

Just the same as creating, you can edit all the fields.

Remember to hit save when you’ve finished!

Delete Profile

Click on “delete” in the actions button from the profiles list to delete a profile.

For speed, there’s no confirmation, so use with care!