Create and Use Profiles

What are profiles?

Profiles allow you to enter repetitive information once, and then when creating a new tenancy agreement, the Builder will populate all that information instantly with one click.

The information which you can add includes:

  • notifications email
  • usual tenancy agreement type (e.g. AST)
  • usual deposit scheme used
  • default utility settings
  • default signatory name and email
  • logo
  • additional terms

Create a new profile

Select "profiles" from the sidebar and "Add New" on the right to create a new profile.

Once in the add new screen, you must give the profile a name in the "description" field.

This description will be displayed in the dropdown to select the profile when creating a new tenancy.

The description name can be searched in the dropdown when adding a new agreement.

Continue to enter all the information. See the creating an agreement section for descriptions of each field.

You only need complete fields you want to. You can leave fields blank if you prefer.

Testing Logo

Within profiles, adding a logo has a unique option not available when creating a tenancy: testing the logo.

Select the "choose file" button and choose your preferred image to add a logo. It should be jpg, jpeg or png.

After the logo has been added and the profile saved, a "Test Logo" button is visible. On clicking, a test page will open in a new window after a few seconds. This will show if the logo works, and you can check the dimensions and quality.

Save Profile

Once all fields you want to complete have been filled in, click the save button at the bottom to save.

More information about profiles

  • Profiles are optional
  • You don't have to create one to create a new agreement.
  • You can have unlimited profiles