We use credits to pay for extras such as digital signing or referencing (but see later as you get some free).

100 credits are required for each digital signing, irrespective of the number of parties signing (per the agreement, not per signing party).

900 credits are required for a tenancy assessment report (similar to a credit report).

20 credits are used for each image analysed in the AI inventory, automatically producing a report of items from the photos provided.

250 credits are used for an inventory comparison report.

We have provided some free credits to users on most subscriptions to get you started, and at each renewal, you will get free credits as below:

  • Quarterly = 300 free credits per renewal
  • Annual each year = 1200 free credits per renewal
  • Annual (3 or more staff) each year = 1500 free credits per renewal.

As a new subscriber, the credits above are accessible on the first signup.

How much do credits cost?

Credits cost £1.00 plus VAT for 100 credits, and discounts are available for bulk purchase of credit packs.

Purchase Credits

You can purchase credits from your account/profile page or be directed to buy at any point where they are required.

Please make sure you're logged in to your account before purchasing.

Viewing Credit Balance

The number of available credits is shown on the Tenancy Builder dashboard.

You can also find the credits you have and all activities in the credits tab of the account/profile section of the website.

I purchased credits, but they're not showing up

If you have purchased more credits but are not seeing the new balance on the Tenancy Builder dashboard, click the grey refresh button (grey square with arrows) to show the current number of credits available.

Credits refresh button on Tenancy Builder dashboard