Draft Agreement

Creating a draft can be helpful so that you can email the tenant(s) (and guarantor, if one) a copy of the agreement in the early stages before being ready for signing.

The field “is this to be a draft?” is near the top when creating or editing a tenancy, just below the insert profile.

If this field is set to “yes”, the dates you enter will be replaced with the words “This is a DRAFT - for information only”.

This is useful to set “yes” if you want to email the agreement to the prospective tenants before all parties are ready for signing. Because it contains the words “this is a draft”, it’s clear that the agreement is a draft at this stage.

Any email you send with the agreement attached should contain “subject to contract”.

If you intend to send the agreement for signing straight away, you can leave this as no.

When you are ready for final signing, you can edit the agreement later and set this back to “no”; any dates inserted will be whatever you entered (or blank).

Digital signing is unavailable if you set this field to “yes”.

But, you can edit anytime after and reset back to “no”. Don’t forget to submit the agreement again to be built, so the PDF reflects the change.