EPC Not Included in Builder


Infrequently, some customers have reported that the EPC is not displayed when using a certificate number for attaching an EPC; it's not included when viewing or printing the built agreement PDF.

How to fix

The first thing to try is opening Tenancy Builder in a new private window (called incognito in Chrome) and creating a blank agreement with only the fields country, tenancy type and deposit status selected. Then, try adding the certificate number and see if it is shown.

If that works, try editing the agreement you were having trouble with - still in the private window.

It's also possible that the certificate number is wrong, but our system incorrectly said it existed. Please use the government EPC finding service to check the certificate number quickly (don't use postcode; instead, choose the option for using certificate number).

If the certificate number is correct and you're still having trouble, please submit a new ticket and provide the certificate number so we can test and resolve it.