Fields - Page 4 - Guarantor

A guarantor is always recommended.

Select "yes" from the dropdown if one or more guarantors are required.

You can associate any number of tenants with a guarantor or have some tenants with a guarantor and some without.

Important: if an agreement was created before 16 February 2023 and edited or duplicated a tenancy created before then, you may have to manually enter or alter details on the guarantor page because the whole system was changed to make significant improvements.

Adding from applicants

If the prospective tenant completed the online application form that has details for a guarantor, you could select from applicants to autofill the guarantor details.

Select from applicants to add a guarantor

Name of guarantor

Enter the full name of the guarantor, including the title.

Guarantor email

The email will not be shown on the agreement and is only used for digital signing. You can leave this blank if you don't plan to use our integrated digital signing.

Tenant name

Using the selector, choose the tenant or tenants associated with this guarantor.


Enter the current home address of the guarantor. You should always confirm their address (perhaps via a recent utility bill), and ideally, we recommend all guarantors are homeowners, which can be checked using the Land Registry.

Multiple guarantors

You can add more guarantors by clicking "Add" on the right-hand side and then repeating entering the data.

To remove a guarantor, click "Remove".

Adding multiple guarantors in Tenancy Builder